Spektrum Telemetrie Variometer-Sensor SPMA9589 für DX6 DX8 DX18 Gen2 DX9 DX20

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Spektrum Flug-Telemetrie Variometer Sensor

Key Features

  • Variometer data indicates the rate of ascent and descent for sailplanes
  • Compact size easily fits in most sailplane applications
  • The internal sensor automatically senses barometric pressure in order to determine rate of climb and altitude with no calibration required
  • Built-in altimeter provides altimeter information giving the end user accurate readings of altitude above ground level (AGL)
  • Fully compatible with the Spektrum? DX6 Gen2, DX7 Gen2, DX8 Gen2, DX9, DX18 G2, DX18QQ, DX20, DX10T and DX18T; DX8 only compatible with altimeter functionality
  • TM1000 and a Telemetry Capable Transmitter required


The variometer is a telemetry sensor for sailplanes that indicates the rate of ascent and descent via an audible tone using select Spektrum? transmitters*. This provides an indicator to the pilot when the sailplane is in a thermal of rising , or sinking air. By knowing when the sailplane is rising or sinking, the pilot can keep the sailplane in rising air and out of sinking air providing longer flight times.

Know when your sailplane is in a thermal and fly longer durations with the Spektrum variometer.

*Fully compatible with the Spektrum DX6 Gen2, DX7 Gen2, DX8 Gen2, DX9, DX18 G2, DX18QQ, DX20, DX10T and DX18T.

*DX8 Gen1 only compatible with altimeter functionality.

*DX6e Compatible but will not audibly report ascending or descending tones.

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